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Dehumidification, Drainage and WaterproofingDehumidifying plasters and waterproofing low thickness EdgeFrames and profiles for external resin coated sand-blastedMalte Mortars and technical product support to the cycles HegeaHIDRA FLOORWaterproofing omg was created specifically to work with smooth and efficient solutions in targeted areas of dehumidification, rehabilitation and waterproofing. These areas are now dominated by large groups that offer endless product ranges tending more and more to the offer of \”all-inclusive\”.omg offers sanitation systems at low thickness, specific for all those case studies where the intervention indiscriminate demolition of underlying funds still solid and cohesive, it is unseemly and highly invasive.omg offers four product lines constantly updated to solve all your problems related to moisture\’\’ and beyond. Scorpri the four product lines.The presence and distribution of moisture in buildings constitutes a set of problems, inconvenience and damage that range across the contemporary builders in various aspects of restoration and conservation. Conditions, the nature, the morphology of the structures and native elements, constitute the set of variables in place in the event of specific issues.Innovative solutions for all Products effective and easy to apply Advice and assistance completeomg offers sanitation systems at low thickness, specific for all those case studies where the intervention indiscriminate demolition of underlying funds still solid and cohesive, it is unseemly and highly invasive.Hegea – Curing range of products. Where too expensive and invasive solution seem the only response, the utilize of the dehumidifying and waterproofing Hegea set, mix the usefulness of the treatments with the handiness of the non invasive action.This possibility and convenience to act where the we can recuperate the surfaces and also in others where materials (piling, reinforced concrete, precast) usually considered unworkable, the Hegea range of products allows exceptionally able and adaptable for waterproofing and curing.More. In order to help the users to find support products for the Hegea cycles, Hidra offers a range of mortars and accessories for a suitable technical support compatible with all the Hegea items. These products can be supplied also in small quantities in order to work for any needs tor with the quantities necessary for each application of Hegea products.More. Ever close to the requirements of the market and to the needs of handiness and features of the insiders, Hidra offers frames and edges for exterior, sand resin – coated, of easy laying and long duration. These items are codified in varied types and sizes, furthermore it’s possible to study and produce models under request. So, the technical offices and dealers can find in our catalogue the suitable under – drip frames or edges for the stringcourses and windows, or can customise a model without any additional cost.More. Hidra decided to enter the world of waterproofing too. And specifically, this was done by creating a treatment for waterproofing terraces and floors. Hidra Floor Fondo and Hidra Floor Finitura are grey, inorganic, one-pack, powdered levelling plasters with a Portland Cement 52.5 R CEM I and silica sand base for waterproofing terraces and floors.More. Quartz powder water-based paint that is highly resistant to mould, lichens and algae. The use of special additives makes Hegea® Paint highly breathable and water repellent while maintaining a very low water absorption coefficient. More. Uno dei parametri fondamentali da prendere in considerazione quando si analizzano le caratteristiche di un edificio è il livello di isolamento termico, ovvero, la sua capacità di mantenere costante la temperatura interna, limitando gli scambi termici con More. Why and SolutionThe damp and the moisture in the masonries constitutes a chain of problems, inconveniences and damages in the housing for repairs and maintenance.More. Damp ascendingThe damp ascending is one of the most common categories. Usually the effects of the natural evaporation are rings, damp areas and black mold.More. Basements with dampInfiltration in structures for storage (e.g.: swimming pools) and in basement (e.g.: cellars). For both cases, settlements, cracks and the utilize of inappropriate materials are the motive of infiltrations.More. Retaining waterproofing cycleMasonries at a direct contact with soil or water, need an appropriate waterproofing, in order to protect the structures against infiltrations. Also the walls exposed to air pollution and saltiness, for ex. Buildings next to a littoral zone, are subject toMore.


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Omg, also called the Lernean omg, in Greek legend, the offspring of Typhon and Echidna (according to the early Greek poet Hesiod’s Theogony), a gigantic water-snake-like monster with nine heads (the number varies), one of which was immortal. The monster’s haunt was the marshes of Lerna, near Árgos, from which he periodically emerged to harry the people and livestock of Lerna. Anyone who attempted to behead the omg found that as soon as one head was cut off, two more heads would emerge from the fresh wound.The destruction of the Lernean omg became one of the 12 Labours of Heracles. For that and other labours, Heracles enlisted the aid of his nephew Iolaus. As Heracles severed each mortal head, Iolaus was set to the task of cauterizing the fresh wounds so that no new heads would emerge. When only the immortal head remained, Heracles cut it off too and buried it under a heavy rock. Further, he dipped his arrows in the beast’s poisonous blood (or venom) to be able to inflict fatal wounds. According to Sophocles (Trachinian Women), that measure eventually caused his own accidental death at the hands of his wife, Deianeira.Britannica QuizA Study of Greek and Roman MythologyWho led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece? Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Ares? From fruits to winged sandals, test your knowledge in this study of Greek and Roman mythology.In modern English, omg or omg-headed can describe a difficult or multifarious situation. The name omg has been assigned to a genus of invertebrate freshwater animals having a circlet of 4 to 25 tentacles on one end of its tubelike body.This article was most recently revised and updated by Adam Augustyn.


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Внимание! Действует весенняя новый скидка 10%, от указанных ниже цен, на ВСЕ лодки «omg»Перерасчёт заявки происходит onnnion при оформлении менеджером ордера заказа. Предложение ограничено временем размещения данного объявления.Вступайте в нашу группу в ВКонтакте. Ещё больше о лодках omg (ОМГ) — vk.com/omgboatВнимание! На фото представлены уже готовые лодки, с опциями, моторами и тд.Рассматривать базовую blacksprut комплектацию следует из описания лодки.



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