who we are

the birth of the name

The name “Erigen” comes from the Spanish word “origen”, in English “origin”. For this reason,the letter “E” is inverted simulating an “O” to form that word.

The logo is 2 “E” in front of each other and forms an “O”.

It is the origin of our adventure in the world of BMX.

how it all started

Erigen BMX is the “Origin” and the beginning of my story. I was a kid, feeling the new experience, riding my bike.

In those moments I discovered for the first time that riding was boundless life.
Previously I worked for aerospace companies as a draughtsman, drawing planes and learning about various materials. Once this work was completed, I continued my professional trajectory designing fuel tanks for airports.
Therefore, at present, I am a technical draftsman and designer by profession.
Then I entered the world of component design and Enduro/Downhill/Dirt Jump bicycles working for a Spanish company until I formed Erigen BMX.
For this reason, we are in contact with and knowledge of many of the products that are available today in the market of the different types of cycling and other sectors that are of interest to us.
In 2016, I embarked on my brand, Erigen BMX. I’m moving to Taiwan, pursuing my goals.
We have extensive knowledge of sustainable design “EcoDesign” and environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes.
Today we continue to learn about materials and manufacturing processes. As for me, I am still passionate about BMX and I keep riding whenever I can with other riders.
This is my story; this is my dream and my passion. This is “Erigen BMX”.

It is the origin of our adventure in the world of BMX.

See you at the skateparks!!!

design & manufacturing process

A fundamental characteristic of Erigen BMX is that the owner is the founder, is the designer and rides different modalities of bicycles. Being in all aspects the contribution is greater. “The designer of the pieces is me, Jesus. So, I’m the founder and designer of Erigen Bmx.”🤘🏻

Having extensive experience in the world of industrial design and in particular in cycling components, we have invested almost 3 years in creating the components of the brand.
For this we have helped ourselves with 3D printing which has made a lot of work easier.
The design hours are countless as are the number of prototypes for each component. Each prototype takes approximately 9 hours of printing in acceptable quality.
All our components are manufactured in Taiwan, guaranteeing the quality of the material and finishes of the best manufacturers, specialized in the manufacture of cycling and BMX components.
We produce in places where other prestigious BMX brands make their components.
The T-shirts and hoodies are produced in Spain.
All of us at Erigen BMX ride bikes, including other modalities, we always have our own specific rider for each modality when developing a new component. They are always seeing new things and traveling to meet other riders who ride for other brands.
Whenever we develop something new, one of our priorities is to focus ourselves on the preferences of our team. All prototypes are tested by our riders.
It should be noted that we take great care in the packaging of the brand. We care as much about the quality of our pieces as we do about the image we want to transmit.
We propose a new brand with new ideas and a well-cared image. We work hard every day to be able to reach more people.
Erigen BMX has a lot to offer. It is a brand that encompasses a lot of passion and a lot of dedication.

who we are in the erigen bmx team

Currently we are a small team but very efficient and eager to improve ourselves day after day because we believe a lot in what we do and we are passionate about Erigen BMX.
We are in full development and we are very ambitious, always willing to give the best of us. The base team of Erigen BMX today is composed of Jesus (the founder and designer of Erigen BMX.”) and his partner Anastasia. Together they are in charge of  the brand image, all the administrative work, marketing, order management and our development both in Spain and abroad. There are other functions inside the Erigen BMX brand:
  • Management of international sales and the consulting part of the company.
  • The work at the Erigen BMX warehouse.
  • The commercial function in the national territory.
  • Management of fairs and competitions.
Occasionally we have the help of outsiders for different tasks.
Jesus, founder of the brand, designs the components and also takes care of the graphic design.
We are few in number at the moment, but we are very effective and do a great job as a team.
We are united by the passion of our work.
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